Sunday, March 26, 2017

Review: The Fall of Lisa Bellow by Susan Perabo

Hello readers,

So happy to have wrapped up my winter TBR before spring started and the sun came out and everything starts over fresh. Isn`t that what spring is about? A fresh start?
Now todays review is about the Fall of Lisa Bellow by Susan Perabo, which I was lucky to get an egalley from. So thank you very much to Simon and Schuster and Susan Perabo for reading this book.

Which indeed is about fresh start for me, which might be contrary to what you would read in the synopsis or other reviews.

Meredith Oliver a totally normal girl, who is more on the smart then the cool site (not implying that you can`t be both) finds herself in a robbery with her nemesis, Lisa Bellow. Thankfully Meredith makes it out alive, but Lisa gets taken by the robber. After this traumatic incident everyone tries to figure out how to deal with this. Nobody knows where Lisa is, she stays missing, and nobody can imagine what exactly happened to Lisa. One mother has to deal with the loss of her child, while Merediths mother has to deal with how her daughter deals with this trauma.

Now everybody has their own way on dealing with something like this, which can be hard to face for the people around, but it is also traumatic for Merediths family, especially her mother, which we thankfully get to know, as this book is told from different perspectives. But also Meredith has different ways of dealing with this and we get to see those to the full extent, which were confusing at times (for me as a reader), but it isn`t bad because that just showed how good Merediths confusion was portrait in that book.

Now while you can think of this book as totally just dealing with trauma, I also saw how Meredith and her family faced a whole new start, how they all approached their situations differently, which made it the perfect book before spring started. (Don`t get me wrong, you can read that at any time of the year, and you totally should because it is good).

This book has so much character development and so many details and yet it was such a fast and intriguing read. At times I was confused yes, but as explained earlier it just shows how well it is written. The topic is heavy and at times I felt although it was fast to read it also dragged me a bit down (which again can be positive considering the topic is well approached, but it also stopped me from going all out on the 5 stars).

The Fall of Lisa Bellow made me think and I honestly needed some days of processing before being able to write a review, but over all it is an absolutely amazing and unique read, therefore I am giving this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I hope you enjoyed this review and that you can also enjoy these first days of spring.

I will be back next Sunday with another bookish post, so I hope to see you soon.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Review: Gizelles Bucket List by Lauren Fern Watt

Hello readers,

today I am back with a beautiful review.
A couple of months ago Simon and Schuster offered me a free copy of Gizelle's Bucket List - My life with a very large dog by Lauren Fern Watt. As a dog owner I had to read this. It sounded so intriguing and although it had been on my TBR for a while before I managed to pick it up it was so worth it.

This book should actually come with at least two other recommendations.

1. Grab some tissues.
2. Snuggle up with your puppy.

Lauren picks up this big English Mastiff puppy who she instantly names Gizelle, they grow together, grow this beautiful relationship between a dog and the dogs person (in this case Lauren) and soon Lauren finds herself on an incredible journey also called life with her trusty friend Gizelle.
Now as we all know dogs rarely live longer than we do and when Gizelles time is come Lauren makes her a bucket list, which a big part of this book is about.

As an Australien Shepherd owner (which is a medium sized breed) I can relate to some of the typical comments you get when your dog doesn't fit into a handbag and at times Lauren's descriptions of people's reactions mad me laugh so hard, that I experience our walks now from a totally different point of view.
I also felt I could absolutely relate to the love between her and Gizelle because I see and experience this everyday with my dog (Jerry). He loves to sleep on my legs, he always need to touch me in someway, he follows me like a shadow everywhere I go and he always has my back.
So no wonder I teared up and cried like a baby when Gizelles time had come because that made me realize my dog won't be there forever (although I always try to push that thought always as far away as I can).
This book is full of beautiful moments, it is honest, funny as well as sad. It is life and I just felt it was such a great read that I actually run around recommending it to everyone I know. In addition to that it reads so fluently and easily that I could have read it in one sitting.
So no wonder that this got 5 out of 5 stars.

Since just thinking about how sad the ending was I am actually about to snuggle up with my big puppy and we are wishing you all a great week.

See you again next Sunday for another bookish post.
Take care,
📚 Nadja and today Jerry as well